Who We Are

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Who We Are

NWCSI is an organization of school communities in Washington State that share a common biblical vision for Christian education.

Why We Exist

The purpose of NWCSI is to promote and strengthen Christian education by serving, supporting and encouraging its members.  Besides providing services directly to its members, NWCSI also partners with other organizations that share a common vision of Christian education to provide for the needs among its members.


Our Vision of Christian Education

  • Our common vision is founded on and grows out of our belief in a Triune God who is active in human history, creating and sustaining his creation, redeeming and reconciling it back to him through the work of Christ and of those people who follow him.

  • The purpose of Christian schooling is to invite and equip God’s children to engage the world, both human and nonhuman, in transformative, redemptive ways using their unique gifts and talents.

  • Learning is supported by a holistic instructional approach that addresses both the whole child and the complexity and interconnectedness of the world.

  • All of life and, therefore all of the curriculum, is subject to the Lordship of Christ and must be studied in that light.


Chris Rast

District Coordinator



NWCSI Executive Committee

Committed to collaborative Christian community


Pat Russell